Cervic lajitteluastiat sisä- ja ulkokäyttöön

High quality, functionality and elegance are the keywords in AULA products. Products are made to be time-defying in many ways. The modern look fits in different environments and the high quality structures guarantee the durability of the products. Over 45,000 pieces of high-quality public furniture have been delivered for 10 years.

Recycling Bins designed for environments with a large influx of public due to their robustness, functionality, high capacity, high modularity and multiplicity of versions to meet customer needs.

Munich lajitteluastiat sis- ja ulkokäyttöön

Benches, Chairs and Backless Benches produced with different materials such as wood, steel, recycled plastics, ecological plastics.

Litter bins designed to be installed on the street due to their robustness and accessories, such as rain hoods, security key closure systems, integrated ashtrays.

Gel dispensers, glove dispensers and litter bins designed for collective spaces where the dispensing of the product is required without manual contact with the container in order to minimize the risk of transmission and contagion by contac.